explora Patagonia: Torres Del Paine to Hiking Base Torres
January 15, 2016

explora Patagonia: A Trip Worth Getting in Shape for

The US website Jet Setter published a ranking with the 12 trips worth getting into shape for and Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia is in fifth place.

Every year it’s the same. In early January all our batteries are fully charged and we promise to fulfill infinite goals. To go on a diet and do exercise are probably in the list of many people. But the excuses to leave these goals behind never fail. Here, we are suggesting a motivation that is really worth it.

Just as Jet Setter published in their website, trips are a great push to get into shape and in Explora we believe that going out into nature and being able to live this experience is a luxury that deserves the best possible efforts.

Hiking to the Heart of the Solid Glacier

One of the explorations most remembered by our guests is the one to the French Valley plateau. The adventure begins in the morning by crossing the Pehoé Lake in one of Explora’s exclusive catamarans. During the navigation, the turquoise water is an anticipation of the wonders that await travellers.

After crossing the lake, there is a 19 kilometer walk, back and forth.  Through a path surrounded by native forests and a wonderful background: The Cuernos del Paine. At the end of the path towards the French Glacier, the climbing becomes a bit steeper, but it would be a shame to leave this challenge just at this time. If you really want a first row seat to the wonderful scenes of nature, you will have to play your part. If you continue, you will arrive to the heart of the solid glacier: a balcony with a view to this hanging glacier where huge pieces of ice break off from time to time. The roaring sound produced will take your breath away and will give you the energy you need to make the return trip.


Hiking Base Torres

This excursion is one of Explora Patagonia’s most demanding one, but it offers a view many people around the world travel thousands of kilometers for. The trip starts in a van through one the park locations where more animals are seen. It is kind of a safari where guests will see guanacos, different types of birds, and if luck is on your side, you might find a puma (cougar or mountain lion), one of the most elusive animals in this region.

Once the car trip ends, the walk to Torres del Paine Base starts. It is 18 kilometers walking through these wonderful panoramic views. A picnic at the foot of the imposing towers is the best reward for this effort.

Do you dare take this challenge?

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Source: http://www.jetsetter.com/feature/worlds-best-fitness-vacations

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