explora on Tripadvisor: The Voice of our Travelers
September 11, 2018

explora on Tripadvisor: The Voice of our Travelers

There isn’t a better reference than from those who have already lived the explora experience in any of our destinations so that future travelers can get an idea of what’s like to explore with us. Here, we share with you some opinions about explora on Tripadvisor. This is the voice of our travelers.

explora Patagonia

 “Breathtaking: Geoffroy’s cat”

“Our holidays in Explora Patagonia were just amazing! We never imagine such an incredible experience. This was our first time getting closer to outdoor activities. Before the trip we doubted if we would be able to handle expeditions at the proper level and the truth is that explora guides make you feel comfortable as amateur explorer, inviting you to give your best in every new adventure. Without notice, you can find yourself pushing your abilities to the highest and finally discover all you need is the will to enjoy nature. One of the programs we chose was a full day expedition to Alto del Toro. Benjamin our expert guide lead us along the way…it was not an easy one! We crossed by wonderful landscapes, between hills, lakes, flora and forest. Our expectation was to have the chance to find a Puma nearby …but surprisingly we met a Geoffroy! One of the rarest species to see during daytime! We were astonished!!!! Nervous & happy….grateful to had that unique opportunity. Only 6 seconds last that encounter …but for sure will be forever in our trip memories.Thanks to the great team at Explora Patagonia!” Yomismocl.

explora Valle Sagrado

explora Valle Sagrado


“This is our second stay at Explora, the first one being last September in the Atacama Desert, Chile; it was everything we anticipated, expected, and more. The guides, staff, everyone made sure we had no want during our stay. The setting is beautiful and there are plenty of excursions offered at every possible level – strolls, hikes of various difficulties from easy to challenging, bike rides, overland excursions and very likely, they will try to accommodate just about any ‘excursion’ you come up with (within reason!) I particularly like that there is no minimum number of participants for any of the excursions; here at Sacred Valley, the same as during our stay in Atacama, there were no qualms or objections when I was the only one interested in a particular outing. We stayed 4 nights and could have definitely stayed longer; however, due to no fault of Explora, the trip to Machu Picchu felt rushed. This was because of the long lines to catch the bus from/to Aguas Calientes, making it quite tight to be able to visit the site as due and catch the return train to Ollantaytambo. Because of this, I would recommend spending at least 4 nights at Explora, enjoying the beauty that the Sacred Valley has to offer and when going to Machu Picchu, staying one night in Aguas Calientes after visiting the site. I considered doing this, but I had serious time constraints and had to figure out the most efficient way to utilize the time I had. Having said this, I must add that our guide was TOPS; concerned and stressed about showing us the highlights of the site while making sure we made the train back to Ollantaytambo. I felt this put him in a difficult position for reasons out of his or Explora’s control. In general, people identify Peru with Machu Picchu and yes, while it is a magnificent place not to be missed, keep in mind that there is much more to see and much beauty in the landscape, communities and people of Peru! Enjoy Explora and all they offer in the Sacred Valley, then head to Machu Picchu another day and give yourself a night in AC so that you have more time at the site and more time to stand on line to take the bus to the train! (Explora’s choice of Peru Rail’s Vistadome train is wise! Take that option if planning to visit Machu Picchu on your own.) Explora, we are looking forward to another adventure with you! THANK YOU – A job well done!” rk1030.

explora Rapa Nui

Rano Raraku

 “Transcendental Travel”

“Rapa Nui is a unique convergence of culture, art, history, and geography. It is a powerfully remote experience that anyone with the good fortune of traveling there will recognize in an instant. But this experience is one that is made truly special though an environment that combines an atmosphere and air that breathes life into each encounter and each interaction.The ‘Explora’ culture has captured a balance unique to the grace of a special place such as Rapa Nui… The comfort and amenities are natural. More importantly…the guidance through the experience is profoundly connected to the depth of being there.”  E K.

explora Atacama

explora Atacama

“Best excursions possible in San Pedro de Atacama”

“We went for the excursions and surely we liked all of them, guides are knowledgeable, capable to put everybody at ease and the excursions possibilities are limitless. The only problem, we stayed only three days, we should have programmed to spend more time. All the rest is well organized and thought to allow you to have the best San Pedro experience.” enricofagiolima.

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