Guides lead expedition to the Poike volcano with children
February 15, 2016

explora guides lead expedition to the Poike volcano with Rapa Nui children

Past January 26, under the Archaeology Workshop carried out every summer at the Anthropological Museum P. Sebastian Englert, Rapa Nui explora guides took 20 children aged 7 to 12 to an expedition to the Poike volcano in Easter Island.

The expedition, led by Beno Atan –head of explora expeditions on the island– and part of his team, included climbing the Poike, Maunga Parehe and Vai a heva volcanoes after visiting the Ahu Riki Riki. At the same time, concepts such as environmental stewardship, preservation and interaction were taught during the trip. The journey covered 7.2 kilometers and it took the children 3.5 hours to cover it.

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Supporting Rapa Nui Legacy

The activity was carried out under the cost-free workshop organized by the Museum, the purpose of which is teaching young children different aspects of the island’s archeology, its surroundings and culture.

As mentioned by Francisco Torres, Director of the Anthropological Museum P. Sebastian Englert, in his acknowledgement letter sent to the Rapa Nui explora team, the expedition was a full success and an unforgettable experience for the children.

Our explora team feels proud to be part of this type of activities and look forward to joining these workshops in the next summers.

Terevaka Archeological Outreach (TAO) Program

We deem it is extremely important for the local community to honor its heritage and disseminate the Rapa Nui legacy. Since 2013 and jointly with the outstanding archaeologist Brett Shephardson, we conducted a workshop for Rapa Nui students. During two weeks in the southern hemisphere’s winter holidays, more than 20 Rapa Nui youngsters camp at the hotel’s yard to study archaeology and renewable energy, in addition to enjoying the explora experience, among other activities.

Every year, the “The Terevaka Archeological Outreach” (TAO) program provides new scientific knowledge on Easter Island. Together with the guides, the youngsters and Shephardson have collected relevant information on the petroglyphs surrounding the hotel’s premises and many valuable archaeological sites have been geo-referenced with GPS technology, among other achievements.

Read the  TAO 2015 Program. 

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