Chile: best adventure destination in Latin America
November 4, 2015

Chile wins the “Oscar for tourism awards” and is recognized as the best adventure destination in Latin America


Lake Pehoe and snowy mountains, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Chile has it all, an incredible mountain range, valleys with large rivers, lakes and unique landscapes, a coastline that extends throughout the country, the world’s driest desert, valdiviana rainforests and even extreme Patagonia. It is this combination of different climates and geography that allows us to practice all kinds of adventure sports such as kayaking around glaciers, surfing on world-class waves at Punta de Lobos and helisking in the middle of the Andes, finding in this corner of the world everything you need for the best adventure of your life. Finally what many of us think of our country was recognized in a ceremony in Bogota, Colombia; Chile was named as the leading destination for adventure tourism in Latin America. This award was given by direct vote of the people from a list defined by experts, becoming the first one received by this country in the 22 year history of the award, worldwide. The award was received by Ambassador (S) of Chile in Colombia, Ricardo Rojas. Since 1993 the World Travel Awards highlight excellence in the tourism industry and rewards the best, so they are now recognized as the “Oscars” of tourism. Undersecretary of Tourism, Javiera Montes said that “this award is recognition for the efforts we have made as a government to promote our tourism, not only nationally but also internationally. Evidence of this was the recent Adventure Tourism World Summit which was held in the Los Lagos region, receiving more than 700 delegates from around the world, which gave us the valuable opportunity to publicize the attractions offered by Chile and visualize the work we are doing to diversify our products and what we offer, with the aim that all types of tourists can find in Chile different alternatives in travel and attractions according to their interests”.  Tourism has a key role in positioning Chile as a world-class country, so awards like this contribute greatly in attracting more visitors and thus favoring the growth and progress of our country. In addition to this, having hosted the recent Adventure Tourism World Summit in Puerto Varas, is doing a great job of promoting Chile in international markets. Notably, Chile in the category “South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination” had to compete with important figures in the tourism industry such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.


Salt flat, arid mountains. Atacama Desert, Chile. Wildlife observation


Source: Weekend Heroes


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