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Luxury hotel

Travelling to remote places is a unique feeling. The way in which we want to travel and how we want to live the experience of a trip is crucial to pick a destination and a place to stay. What we experience will be totally different whether we choose a lodge, a villa, a boutique hotel , a cruiser or a luxury hotel.

Luxury hotel

From a hostel to a luxury hotel

Several aspects need to be assessed to choose the ideal accommodation. The best place to stay will depend on what the traveller wants to do.

Most people consider that one of the most important factors is location. If we check the Chilean Patagonia, for instance, we can see the differences between staying in the city of Puerto Natales or in the middle of the Torres del Paine National Park. In Torres del Paine, you can stay at a hostel or at a luxury hotel, which offers a luxury experience.

In a luxury hotel, all the details of a traveler’s experience are taken care of from the moment he/she arrives; what to do, food, etc. explora Patagonia is the only luxury hotel with the highest service standards at the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park. It has the perfect location and is the ideal base to explore the surroundings, and where to come back in the evenings to rest in the amenities it offers.

A luxury hotel in remote destinations

Hoteles en lugares remotos

explora is a luxury hotel –in a special sense of the word– as all of the company’s efforts are focused on making travellers live a truly unforgettable experience in each one of its destinations.

This means taking care of all the details: being on time at the airport to pick up travellers; taking them to the hotel; providing them with a confortable room in a unique place and putting special attention to every detail. All food has a special touch; excursions are designed through exclusive routes, and led by explora-trained and certified guides and horses raised for each destination.  Travellers get special access to public areas; and they can enjoy a hotel-owned observatory in Atacama and a catamaran in Patagonia, etc. This is a luxury experience you cannot miss if you have the chance to take it. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in a different luxury hotel, in a remote destination in South America, you found the place. You can come with your couple, a friend or by yourself. You can come just to relax and get away from everything, to celebrate something special, for your honeymoon or simply for the sake of traveling and visiting a special place where explora is waiting for you.

explora Valle Sagrado

hotel explora en el Valle Sagrado de los incas

The latest explora opening was at the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the region of Cusco, Peru. The hotel is located amidst a cornfield, surrounded by valley mountains. This is an extraordinary place by the town of Urquillos. Its architecture and setting, the Inca remains and a SPA located in a colonial house make this hotel the best place to go out and explore all the attractions this region has to offer.

In the words of one of the first travelers who lived the explora experience at the Sacred Valley this past August “…This is much more than a luxury hotel and I think I would venture to say that you have not really known a place unless you have been at explora….”.


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