Leave no trace- explora Sustainability Program 

Leave no trace

Running sustainable operations throughout our hotels and Travesías isn’t just an effort; it’s a corporate commitment.

Leave no trace

Every new explora has come with its own set of sustainability challenges. Different remote locations, different communities and different realities have taught us valuable lessons and led us to develop qualified teams within our staff who are fully versed in sustainable management, and who’s responsibility it is to ensure each and every process involved in our operations measures up to the highest standards of sustainable tourism.

We understand the fragility of the territories to which we introduce our travelers and know that unless we are 100% effective, we are jeopardizing our own future endeavors.

Recycling & Waste Management

We perform conscientious treatments of all waste material generated throughout our operations by separating, compacting and stockpiling each kind of material for its donation to local initiatives such as permaculture and recycling. In the case of Rapa Nui, explora works hand in hand with the Oritos Recycling Plant following a highly demanding waste-management plan. Organic Waste is used at our Atacama hotel through a compost process. Moreover, our team at the hotel is committed to generating as much compost and humus as possible, in order to be used on the grounds we use to feed our horses.

Power & Water efficiency

Architecture and design are very important to us, not only because of how they determine our travelers’ experience, but also because they are designed to maximize the use of natural light, which, added to low-consumption lighting systems, allows us to optimize the use of electric power throughout our operation.

We are aware of the importance of water as a natural resource, and of the costs and impacts behind its use. This is why, in order to comply with both international environmental standards as well as our own, each hotel has a rigorous water purification and treatment plant.

Non- invasive explorations

Our guides are trained to lead explorations that have no impact whatsoever on the areas to which we introduce our travelers, always respecting the fragility of each eco-system.

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