Travel experiences are more intense when they are shared. At explora, we help our travelers get to know the territory, not only through nature and what surrounds us, but also through its flavors and traditions. That's what we call deep exploration.

Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

explora Sacred Valley is at the heart of the millennia-old culinary tradition in Peru. The ingredients that grow on these lands boast marvelous colors and flavors. You have to try the purple corn or trout ceviche. In these dishes, you'll find a history that revives the aroma of the Moray herbs, the salts of the Maras, or the multi-colored potatoes grown on the terraces. Deep exploration also means enjoying the generosity of the land.

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There's always a moment on any expedition when the guide stops for a second and shares some delicate bars made of honey and quinoa. They're a mini treasure. It's because hiking makes you hungry, and if you want to keep up, besides drinking a lot of water, eating something that gives you immediate energy is vitally important. They're perfect for a trek at altitude through the highlands, helping you savor the satisfaction of reaching the Licancabur Volcano peak or seeing the views of the Quisquiro Salt Flat.

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Easter Island

Tunu Ahi is the traditional way fish is prepared on Easter Island. Volcanic rocks are placed over the fire, with just a gentle heat rising from within. The cooking method is slow, but it couldn't be any other way next to the Pacific Ocean, where the waves and tides set the pace. Everything revolves around Tunu Ahi, and its circular method is an invitation to talk while waiting for the moment to culminate, when the chef decides the food is ready. While you wait, you can get to know part of the Chilean territory through some of the wines in the menu or through the local beer from the island. At explora Rapa Nui, the wait itself is rewarding.



Much of the flavor of Patagonia revolves around fire. For example, the quincho, which is the traditional wood-fired Patagonian barbecue, is a ritual that begins at dawn to be ready by midday and deserves a long and relaxing lunch. If someone offers you a mate-infused tea, which is the warm drink you have while sitting in a circle and telling stories, just say thanks if you've already had enough. The team of explora Patagonia gauchos and guides keep these traditions alive. Sharing in them is becoming part of the most authentic side of Patagonia.

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