Hotels in South America. Luxury and adventure experience

Hotels in South America

South America is synonym with adventures and extreme places. It is music, colors, flavors and laughter. Caribbean beaches, mythological civilizations, tropical rainforests and Patagonia glaciers. Everything fits in and has a meaning in this continent where contrast is the rule. For this reason, it is always worthwhile taking some time to choose hotels in South America.

Hotels in South America

Choosing Hotels in South America

As is common in the tourism industry, the most attractive destinations are surrounded by excessive commercialization. It is as if visitors were put in a sort of conveyor belt with operators scanning bar codes printed on their foreheads.

Just as important as choosing the destination is defining which hotels in South America can provide travelers with much needed rest and relief to their tired feet; a place that may connect visitors with the essence of the area, its landscapes and people; one that welcomes travelers’ wish to live personal and unique experiences. That’s why choosing hotels in South America must be taken seriously.

If you are interested in remote places and in getting to know an area at a different level than common travelers; if you fancy venturing further than others, your wish bears a special mark. When you look for hotels in South America, begin with the explora experience.

Pool area. Four open-air jacuzzis on Lake Pehoe. Luxury vacations

Four Hotels in South America

explora has and operates four hotels and three trips (nomadic voyages) to seven remote destinations in South America. It proposes a new travelling mode based on the concepts of in-depth exploration, luxury of essentials and sustainable development. How many hotels in South America offer this threefold drive?

In-depth explorations mean venturing further than the rest, for which explora is constantly looking for new routes. Today, it covers 807 miles through different expeditions:

58+ hikes

23+ horseback riding trips

9+ by bike

3+ by sea

9+ high mountain climbing



Beginning from the End

explora Patagonia is located at the southern tip of the American continent. With a prize-winning architecture, it is anchored like a ship on the shore of the Pehoé Lake. The privileged location of explora Patagonia is, like only a handful of hotels in South America can show, literally in the middle of a national park. In this case, Torres del Paine.

Its expeditions take travelers through mountains, glaciers and lakes that only a few hotels in South America can offer. With expert guides, the trips and views are reserved to small groups only.


The Driest Desert

Nature’s overwhelming beauty is undeniable in the driest place on Earth. explora Atacama is located in the San Pedro de Atacama oasis. The 17 hectares of the lodge are part of the explora conservation program. Its goal is restoring and protecting the area’s cultural, aesthetic, historical and scientific values.

The wish for adventure in an intact universe brings travelers from around the world to those hotels in South America that can help them revive the cultural and natural treasures of this fascinating territory.



The Rapa Nui Culture

27º09’ S – 109º 26’ W. explora Isla de Pascua is like heaven for any explorer since its coordinates point to an isolated position in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.

Near the town of Hanga Roa, the Island’s most important town, the hotel has privileged views to the Pacific Ocean and the shoreline. The language, music, and traditions are kept alive among its inhabitants. It is one of the few hotels in South America located only a few steps away from millenary witnesses, the enormous moais carved in stone, as evidence of their mysterious past.

Valle Sagrado, Cusco, Peru, inca civilization, unique culture, Macchu Picchu ruins

Soon: explora Valle Sagrado

Sheltered in one of the Valley’s most remote haciendas, the explora Sacred Valley hotel is located in an ancient cornfield surrounded by the mountain chain that frames the mythical Machu Picchu. From the quietness of its surroundings, it is one of the exclusive hotels in South America which becomes part of the landscape instead of defeating it.

In any of these four points of this surprising continent, the explora traveler will find a partner in its search for adventure, with a sustainable and unique vision about the meaning of luxury. When looking for hotels in South America, look for the explora experience. You can begin here.

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