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An experience of connection with the Andean culture.

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New Gastronomy in Valle Sagrado

Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez, owner of the sixth best restaurant in the world –according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 ranking– has recently designed the new menu for explora Valle Sagrado. A total gastronomic renovation, both in our restaurant and in the explorations, using Andean ingredients from the simplest to the most elaborate that result in preparations with an identity that honors Andean cooking.

Virgilio Martinez explora


Virgilio Martínez inspired himself in the biodiversity of the Sacred Valley, its history, and the traits of the people who live there, developing a unique menu that unveils the magic of the place in each bite or taste of his food. With natural and organic preparations, the menu seamlessly brings the land to the travelers’ table, both in the hotel and during the explorations, where unparalleled outdoor meals are  paired with a carefully thought selection of wines and beverages.

About Virgilio Martínez

Virgilio is a world-renowned Peruvian Chef and restaurateur. Considered member of the Peruvian Chefs organically formed movement at the forefront of spreading Peruvian cuisine globally.

His philosophy and cooking style consist of exploring all there is “outside”. Through his cuisine, he showcases Peruvian biodiversity and the importance of the social and ecological environments through the creation of his very unique food concepts.

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