Hotel in Easter Island, the Luxury of the Essential

Hotel in Easter Island, the Luxury of the Essential

Martin is done with breakfast in the Easter Island hotel. It is early and daylight floods into the dining room. Exited travelers sit around every table. They comment today’s destination. From dozens of possibilities, they made their pick last night with their guides in the hotel’s bar.

The Island is small and isolated. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui or Easter Island has only 166 square kilometers (64 square miles). It takes five hours to fly there from the American continent and a similar time from Papeete.

 The Hotel in Easter Island

After choosing the destination, selecting the hotel in Easter Island was Martin’s second hit. He is an experienced traveler who knows what he wants. And he doesn’t like to arrive to a new destination just like anybody else. He likes to look for new routes, find new views and make something unique out of his experience.

Therefore and having studied the hotel options in Easter Island, Martin chose explora Rapa Nui. The hotel is sited on a hill in the Te Miro Oone area, facing the ocean. It is located in the south-eastern part of the island, at only 8 kilometers (5 miles) from Hanga Roa.

explora values the power of experience. Therefore, it introduces travelers to remote South American areas through a carefully designed expedition program. The four explora hotels are a meeting point for global travelers who share the passion for nature.

Mere contemplation is not part of this hotel’s philosophy. During more than 20 years, it has provided travelers with the chance to interact with nature and cultural traits of its locations.

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 A New Day is Ahead

Martin just loves the place. He likes the vibes of this hotel in Easter Island. explora has a concept of luxury that goes beyond appearance and is more related to experience. In a world plagued by imitations, approaching something in its original state is a luxury. Simplicity and details in this Easter Island hotel are like life itself.

Laughter from a group sitting a few tables away takes Martin away from his thoughts. They were total strangers before coming to this remote Easter Island hotel and now cheerfully share their interests for nature.

The all-inclusive boarding offers world-class food prepared with local products and recipes. Almost all guides are local. The environmental program in this Easter Island hotel is excelling its own standards. Martin knows it because he saw a LEED hotel certificate somewhere.

Discovering Easter Island

It’s time to depart. Martín leaves the dining room and after a quick stop to his bedroom (this view could hold him back here all day long) he meets his small group. There’s eight people at the most. He’s excited about this outdoor archaeological museum. The largest in the world, they say, framed in a pleasant sub-tropical climate with temperatures about 18º to 27ºC (64° to 81°F) all year round.

From his hotel in Easter Island, Martin went out every day to new adventures. Under the watching eyes of the ancient moai, he mixed picnics on the rocks or on the shoreline, all places filled with magnetism. Warm waters and coral white sand beaches. Bike rides with breathtaking views. Artisanal fishing. Mysterious caves. Using the hotel as a base and having 20 expeditions at his disposal, he was able to experience the compelling cultural and archaeological nuances of the Rapa Nui culture.

It was mainly the non-invasive approach of the explora experience, its relationship with the surroundings and culture that left him craving for more. Only a few days after leaving he already wants to come back. It’s time to plan a new explora adventure. Are you ready?

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