Explora's honeymoon packages: unfogettable experience.

Honeymoon packages

Newlywed couples always want their honeymoon to be magical and unforgettable. This depends mostly on what they like and the activities they enjoy doing together.

explora's Honeymoon Packages

There are honeymoon packages available as different as there are places in the world. There are options for couples who want to rest, swim, and lie in an ocean beach. Others prefer a lake in the mountains, or meet ancient cultures, combining local attractions with history.

There are also couples who choose all-inclusive honeymoon packages to avoid worrying about additional expenses and all the details involved in a honeymoon trip.

Choosing a worthwhile honeymoon package

First of all, you must select the type of dream trip you want. Do we want a special place? Do we prefer a city or a remote location? A place where to experience an adventure? Or do we just want to relax?  You also need to consider other things, such as weather, and decide what the best time of the year to travel to a certain country or place is.

Do we want to work out ourselves the details of the honeymoon or do we want to consider the recommendations of a travel agent? A lot of details are involved when arranging honeymoon package options, including trips to and from the airport, food and possible additional costs. We recommend you look for information and compare.

All-inclusive honeymoon package adventure

An excellent honeymoon package option is to look for a life experience that goes beyond a couple of days touring through a destination.  explora offers unforgettable experiences in unique destinations.

explora is a travel company that uses its hotels as base sites to go out and explore the surroundings. Its operation headquarters are the hotels, from where every day you leave and then return after the exploration trips.

You can access this unique experience in seven remote destinations in South America, in areas with special features where everyone should have the chance to visit and explore at least once in their lifetime.

This is an unforgettable experience for newlywed couples, especially if they have the chance to travel not to one, but to two or three destinations.

By traveling to several explora destinations, couples can visit most of the important sites in South America.

The base sites of explora are located in San Pedro de Atacama, Patagonia (in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park), Easter Island, and its recently inaugurated destination in Cusco, Peru, the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Additionally, there are Travesías, trips that cross borders through the Andes Mountain, where travelers can hike through places where few people have gone, in the middle of the Andean Highlands towards Bolivia. Roads go through multicolored valleys towards Salta, Argentina or the surroundings areas of the Argentinean Patagonia, near El Chaltén and Mount Fitz Roy.

Reasons to choose one of the honeymoon packages with explora:

explora offers an all-inclusive luxury experience full of adventures. The honeymoon packages allow travellers to fully enjoy their dream trip, leaving all other worries behind.

Travellers are picked up at the airport and transferred to the hotel, where they will find more than 120 exploration options at the destination (on foot, horseback or bicycle), visiting unique places with tour guides specially trained at the explora Guide School. They can also enjoy thematic talks about fauna, birds or history, be in contact with the local culture or ride horses specially bred by explora in Patagonia and Atacama.

Be our guest and choose one of explora’s honeymoon packages for an unforgettable trip!

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