Honeymoon Destination: explora Patagonia, an ideal choice.

Honeymoon in explora Patagonia

Honeymoon in explora Patagonia

Javier and Camila have just arrived to the base site at Torres del Paine. They finally reached the finish line after walking for several hours. They shout, hug and kiss each other in excitement. They did it! They are now part of that privileged group of people who have actually walked over that piece of land.

A turquoise lagoon greets them at the summit and breathtaking granite towers are behind them. The newlyweds’ excitement is only surpassed by them being there. Patagonia was their ideal honeymoon destination.

She said yes

The day Javier proposed to Camila, she said yes categorically. The first thing that came to their minds was the honeymoon. They had always dreamed about a trip where they could learn, enjoy the outdoors, and sleep in special places. Their honeymoon destination had to meet at least those three requirements.

As for many young couples today, having exceptional experiences has become a priority that overcomes the desire of treasuring material things. Camila was so excited about arranging the best honeymoon ever that she decided to hire a wedding planner.  She would look for the best options to find the ideal honeymoon destination.

Looking for a honeymoon destination

Before beginning her search, she asked Javier if he had something in mind. They talked about the trips their friends had made, including travel experiences in Southeast Asia, Europe, or the Caribbean.  They decided they wanted something different. They wanted to go to a remote place, away from any type of distractions where they could share an unforgettable experience and leave all worries behind. This is when they agreed that an all-inclusive program would be the best option.

Camila began searching the Internet for places other than the countries she had talked about with Javier. She considered several travelling websites until she found explora. She checked the webpage and began dreaming. It seemed she had found what she was looking for.

A different kind of honeymoon

She read explora’s proposal and she was thrilled by the idea of traveling to a remote destination in South America. She imaged herself sharing excursions with her husband through landscapes such as those found in postcards that pictured Torres del Paine; horseback riding through the Atacama desert, or learning about the moais while gazing at the deep blue Pacific Ocean, and she dreamed. They both enjoy the outdoor life, the hotels looked amazing and the programs were all-inclusive.

The choice

First, she looked into explora Rapa Nui in Easter Island for her honeymoon destination. Explorations seemed extremely fun. There were more than 20 field trips –either walking, bike riding, or on boat– to see this island’s most remote corners, the cultural attractions of which draw in explorers from all over the world.

After that she checked Atacama, the driest desert on earth. Horseback rides were what she liked the most. Camila couldn’t believe that horses were bred, raised and trained to explore the geography of this corner of the world.

She then took a look at the Sacred Valley, a destination outside Chile that offers a unique exploration experience. In this place, explorations are focused on learning about the culture, nature, and history of one of the most amazing regions in Peru.

And finally, she browsed explora Patagonia. She clicked and knew that it would be their honeymoon destination. The location was perfect: found at the heart of Torres del Paine National Park with breathtaking views to the “horns”. There are explorations for all tastes and with different difficulty levels. She called Javier and asked him to check the page. They agreed and called for reservations. They got a newlywed discount and confirmed the trip.

Let’s get on with the adventure

explora Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Honeymoon Destination

A couple of months after, Camila and Javier arrived at explora Patagonia; they were picked up at the Punta Arenas airport and hopped onto a van that took them to the hotel to begin their adventure. They were welcomed and taken to their room. Everything was perfectly arranged and the view was awesome. The Horns of the Paine looked as if it was inside the hotel.

During the afternoon, they talked to one of the guides about where to go the next day and they began to enjoy. The newlyweds went out exploring every day, coming back to the hotel in the evening to rest and charge batteries at the Spa. They walked and rode horses and decided on the last day to take the exploration to the base point of the Towers. The perfect closing moment for their honeymoon.

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