COVID-19 Important information about coronavirus

Important information regarding the COVID-19 situation


At explora, we are doing everything in our hands to ensure the safety and health of our travelers, in addition to providing as much booking flexibility as possible.

According to these guidelines, we want to keep you updated on the current COVID-19 situation in our destinations, and on the efforts being made by local governments to improve these conditions.

The Governments of Chile and Peru have closed their borders, preventing the entrance of travelers. Given this situation and the evolution of the COVID-19, we have scheduled the opening date for our hotels in Chile and Peru for November, 2020.

If you need additional information or assistance rescheduling your reservation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: or through our toll-free phone numbers.



The safety of our travelers and team has always been our top priority. This is why we have been working relentlessly to ensure travelers their peace of mind while we explore remote territories during this uncertain period.

To face the advance of the COVID-19, we have implemented the following measures recommended by the WHO, the scientific community, and local authorities:

    • Upon arrival
      Safety measures are in place starting from the transfers to all our lodges. Only a maximum of six travelers will be permitted in each van, which will be sanitized and disinfected before every trip. Travelers will have their temperature checked and must disinfect their shoes before boarding the vehicle.Upon arriving in the lodge, all luggage will be fully sanitized and travelers must disinfect their shoes again before entering the explora facilities. The use of face masks will be required at all times and alcohol gel will be available in different areas.
    • Common areas 
      Social distancing is required within all our facilities. We will adapt our dining rooms to welcome travelers while meeting all the appropriate standards to guarantee their safety:

      • The menu will be available through a QR code thus eliminating hard copies.
      • Table linen will be changed after every use.
      • All meals will be “à la carte”, removing buffets. Room service will also be available.
      • The Grab & Go service will be available for all our meals so travelers can take their food to their rooms, terraces, or other areas of their preference.

      The relaxation areas will also be adapted to ensure travelers’ peace of mind and comfort. The spa will offer a fully personal experience, increasing the time between massage sessions to thoroughly disinfect the room and every implement used. The total capacity in the pool and spa areas will be reduced by 50%.

    • Rooms 
      Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. All paper-based information will be removed and replaced with QR codes for travelers to check the information required in their mobile phones.Travelers can choose not to have their rooms cleaned in case they don’t want anybody entering their rooms while they are exploring or in common areas. They can also opt out of the turndown service, which is the practice of staff entering the guest’s room to prepare the bed for use.
    • Our explorations
      The cleanliness and safety protocols of our facilities, vehicles, and exploration equipment will be enhanced. We will increase the frequency with which we clean, disinfect, and ventilate common areas. Exploration equipment will be meticulously cleaned after every use, as well as vehicles’ interiors and exterior.


Why explora is already positioned for this

What defines explora will also be the cornerstone to create a safe operation during the COVID-19 times. Some of our most important operational features to ensure your safety are the following:

  • We always travel in small groups.
  • Our philosophy has always been to look for uncrowded places, being in a natural setting that is as quiet as possible.
  • Our operations are expansive but intimate. When you are in the hotel, you can see that being by yourself is possible.

You will feel at home. We will be looking after you at all times, so when the time comes and we can welcome you again, you can live a unique experience at our destinations, without any worries in your mind except to enjoy your exploration with us.


Since flexibility is one of the aspects most valued by our travelers during this period, we have decided to improve our booking payment, changes, and cancellation policies, for reservations made as of June 18, 2020, and with check out until September 30, 2021. These policies do not apply to group reservations.

As a first measure, we have reduced the initial booking confirmation payment to only 10%. The remaining balance is to be paid 30 days before check-in.

Changes and Cancellation Policies

You can make changes to your booking without penalties up to 7 days before the check-in. If the change is made between 6 and 0 days before the arrival in explora, 100% of the booking will be charged.

You may cancel a booking up to 30 days before the check-in without penalties. If you cancel after that period, the following penalties apply:

  • 29 to 20 days before the arrival in explora: 30% of the total booking.
  • 20 to 10 days before the arrival in explora: 50% of the total booking.
  • 9 to 0 days before the arrival in explora: 100% of the total booking.

For bookings made in “explora days” promotion between August 28 and September 3, 2020; the following penalties apply for cancelations:

  • 30 days before the arrival in explora: 30% of the total booking.
  • 30 to 0 days before the arrival in explora: 100% of the total booking.

Special Holidays Conditions

When booking for periods defined as holidays, we request a 30% down payment to confirm the booking, with the remaining balance to be paid 30 days before the arrival in explora.

You can change the date of your booking up to 15 days before the check-in without penalties. If the change takes place between 14 to 0 days before the arrival in explora, 100% of the booking must be paid.

You may cancel any booking up to 30 days before check-in without penalties. If you cancel after that period, the following conditions apply:

  • 29 to 20 days before the arrival in explora: 30% of the booking’s total.
  • 19 to 0 days before the arrival in explora: 100% of the booking’s total.

The following are the periods defined as “holidays” to which these conditions apply:

Torres del PaineEl ChalténAtacamaRapa NuiValle Sagrado
December 21 2020 to January 1 2021December 21 2020 to January 1 2021December 22 2020 to January 1 2021December 22 2020 to January 1 2021December 21 2020 to January 1 2021

Additional Considerations for Changes and Cancellations

  • Bookings can be modified twice, with a check-out until September 30, 2021.
  • Charges associated to different seasonal rates may apply.
  • Should the borders of the explorad estination country be closed (Chile, Argentina, and Peru), the booking date may be changed free of penalties regardless of the time of the notice.
  • A booking modified once cannot be cancelled and the initial penalties apply in all cases.
  • Changes or cancellations of bookings containing third-party services are subject to the conditions set forth in the section “Special Conditions for Private or Third-Party Services”.

100% Flexible Travel Insurance

You can hire a travel insurance for USD 180 per person to get 100% flexibility for last-minute booking changes or cancellations, free of penalties.

To learn more about this fully flexible insurance, click here.

Special Conditions for the Rio Carnival and Tapati

The Rio Carnival 2021 will be held between February 12-20, y Tapati from January 31 to February 15, 2021, meaning that special holiday conditions and rates will apply. During that period, a minimum 4-night stay is required at explora Atacama and explora Rapa Nui.

Special Conditions for Private or Third-Party Services

If at the time of booking cancellation or changes third-party services had been hired (train to Machu Picchu, Perito Moreno, etc.), a penalty equivalent to the charge made by the third-party company to explora will apply.

Explorations to Perito Moreno (El Chaltén) and Machu Picchu (Valle Sagrado) combine explora with third-party services. Therefore, there are logistical restrictions that impose certain conditions when hiring such explorations:

  • 2-night programs at explora Valle Sagrado cannot hire the exploration to Machu Picchu.
  • For the Perito Moreno explorations, the activities begin at El Calafate at 9:00 AM. Therefore, this exploration must take place after staying one night in a hotel at El Calafate, the cost of which is borne by each traveler.
  • Explora takes care of picking up each traveler from the different hotels in El Calafate and once the exploration is over, of taking them to exploraEl Chaltén for their check-in.

Additional Conditions

Since our infrastructure does not provide the comfort required by pets, pets are not allowed in our destinations.

There is free Wi-Fi in our destinations, but only in common areas. There is no Internet in our rooms as they were designed for a deep rest.

Children and youth rates are valid for the room with the lowest rate. A maximum of two children per adult are allowed.

Refund Fee

In the case of refunds, transaction charges apply based on the type of payment: 3% of the amount refunded for credit card payments and USD 25 for bank transfers.


explora S.A. is not responsible for nor will it provide any refund in case of missed travel services due to cancelled or delayed third-party transportation services or flights and other circumstances beyond explora’s control or responsibility and which may be considered force majeure events. This includes but is not limited to cancellations and/or delays as a result of weather conditions, road conditions, fires, explosions, earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, floods, and general strikes.

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