How can arrange the exploration to Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu exploration selection

In our constant quest for innovating in the explorations of all our destinations, we offer two different versions of the exploration to Machu Picchu, giving you the opportunity to select which version you would like to take depending on your interests.

Machu Picchu

We invite you to read about the different versions of Machu Picchu in detail and select your preferred option.



Once your reservation is made, please send us:

• Selected version of the Machu Picchu exploration. (with or without Inti Punku)

• Copy of your passport and those of your traveling companions.

• Traveler Profile for each of the travelers included in the reservation.

With this information, we will be able to buy the necessary tickets for the exploration, since Machu Picchu has a limited entry capacity per day.

*Passport copies are required by the institutions that issue the train tickets and Sanctuary tickets. Tickets are issued under travelers’ names, due to which they are non-transferrable.

*The exploration to Machu Picchu combines explora services and third-party services due to some of the Sanctuary’s restrictions. It must be confirmed with our reservations team at least 50 days prior to your stay. Hours and duration times are estimated and may vary depending on the number of people on route.

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