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Puritama Natutal Reserve

Ever since explora was nothing more than a glint in our founder’s eyes, the concept of sustainability and conservancy was already meant to be its backbone. By 1993, when we first opened our doors to the travel community, we had successfully laid down the groundwork for our Sustainability & Conservancy Program.

We specifically refer to this stage as “groundwork” because from then onward, over the past 20 years, sustainability and conservancy have become not only our backbone, but also our eyes, our hands and most importantly our brain, permeating every single aspect of our operation and growing into an independent force of its own.

The Program itself is based on two pillars which work under the same corporate dream of developing a model in which travelers can interact with nature in its wildest raw form whilst also proactively working towards participative natural and cultural conservation.

Leave no trace

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Conservation with Communities

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