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Over 20 years exploring remote locations

Founded in 1993, explora is a travel company that owns and operates hotels and Travesías in 7 remote destinations of South America. We propose a new way of traveling based on in-depth exploration of the surroundings, the luxury of the essential and a sustainable development.



Over 20 years exploring remote locations

1989 – explora

A group of friends who were enthusiastic about unconventional travel and adventure gave life to explora. The idea behind the company was to offer journeys in remote areas of South America that were different because of the experience they provided and their intense interaction with nature and local culture.

1993 – explora Patagonia

First came the launch of explora Patagonia, in the extreme south of America, the center of operations for our explorations in Patagonia, and the only hotel situated in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park, a world biodiversity reserve.

1998 – explora Atacama

We opened explora Atacama. Built in the ayllu de Larache, at an altitude of 2,500 meters (8,200 feet), base for exploring the Andean altiplano area, one of the most complex ecosystems in the world.

2005 – explora Travesías

This year, we launched our Travesías, or nomadic trips, across Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. A couple from the United States became the first two travelers to experience the Travesía to Uyuni (Bolivia), the world’s biggest salt flat. That same year we began the travesías to Salta and El Chaltén (Argentina) and one to Rapa Nui.

2007 – explora Rapa Nui

This year saw the launch of explora Rapa Nui. With the construction of our hotel, we extended explora’s invitation to travelers, this time to include exploration of the ocean. This is a remote volcanic island where a mysterious, megalithic culture once flourished, the traces of which are now the subject of research and admiration around the world.

2016- explora Valle Sagrado 

This year we inaugurate explora Valle Sagrado to explore one of the most amazing regions in Peru. This milestone event serves as precedent for the company as it is the first base hotel with operations abroad.

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