Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is it possible to book explorations in advance?

No. Once at explora, travelers meet each afternoon to talk with the guides and find out about explorations planned for the following day. Each traveler then chooses the exploration he or she would like to do.

2. Is any kind of equipment available for the explorations?

We have walking sticks and leg guards for treks, Chilean and British saddles, leather chaps and helmets for horseback rides and helmets and gloves for the bike explorations.

You should bring trekking shoes, a windproof fleece, a parka and other appropriate clothing depending on your expedition and if you are to explore Atacama, Easter Island, Patagonia or another destination. This varies according to the destination (see the list of appropriate equipment for Atacama, Patagonia, Rapa Nui).

Each of our lodges has a shop where you can buy clothes and items for exploration, among other things, if you forget something.

3. What arrangements does explora offer for families?

For parents traveling with children from the ages of 4 to 12, we can place an additional bed in the same room (valid for Atacama, Patagonia and Rapa Nui).

For parents traveling with teenagers from the ages of 13 to 15, a special reduced rate is available for double, triple or quadruple rooms (maximum of 4 teenagers per room. This is valid for Atacama and Patagonia).

There is no charge for children age 3 or younger.

4. Are there interconnected rooms for families at the lodges?

Hotel de Larache has three Tulur family rooms for those who want to enjoy explora Atacama as a family. These consist of two interconnected Tulur double rooms, each measuring 33 m2 (345 ft2).
At the other lodges, we place families in rooms which are adjacent to or opposite one another.

5. Is it necessary to buy insurance?

We recommend that every traveler buy a comprehensive personal travel insurance policy. Although the explorations are very safe, if a traveler takes unnecessary risks, whether related to his or her health or imprudence, they must assume the consequences. explora is not responsible for accidents or unforeseen events.

6. Is there internet access at the lodges?

Yes. There is access, without charge, in all the lodge common areas.

7. ¿Which currencies and methods of payment are accepted at explora?

We accept the following currencies: Chilean pesos, United States dollars and Euros and the following credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

8. Which languages are spoken at explora?

Lodge staff and all of the guides speak fluent Spanish and English. Some also speak French and German.

9. Where do explora’s travelers come from and how old are they, on average?

The people who travel with explora come from many different countries, principally the United States, Great Britain, Brazil, Spain and France.

Travelers range in age from 2 to 80, with the majority between 45 and 65 years old.