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Travelers Log

Shelly & Gill

Washington, USA, 2007

“What a terrific experience! We loved every minute of our stay here. Your staff is so experienced and gracious. We hope to return enroute to Tahiti when you are in the new hotel.”


CT, USA, 2007

“Thank you for the hospitality and fun! This was a truly once in a lifetime trip that I would LOVE to do again. The friendliness of the guides was spectacular. The Rapa Nui culture and the friendliness of the people is something I will never forget.”


Barcelona, Spain, 2007

“Anita BRU ha estado en explora Rapa Nui y volveré para completar mi experiencia humana mas allá de lo programado. Millones de gracias por cuidarme y mimarme con tanto cariño. Un beso grande!”

Richard & Pam

New York, USA, 2007

“Maururu! We would love to return. The staff and guides were the best. The food delicious. Easter Island is magical. A very special place.”


Finland, 2007

“Thank you for a most wonderful time here at explora and the fantastic island of Rapa Nui. Maururu so much.”

Pierre & Carmen

Switzerland, 2007

“New Year 2007 in Easter Island, fantastic people, amazing place, marvelous moai; the best way to begin this year. Thank you very much.”

Blanca & Jaime


“Mil gracias por tan rica experiencia. Sin duda, aparte de la comida, lo mejor de explora es su gente quien hizo de este viaje a isla de pascua una maravilla inolvidable.”

Brenda & Judy

Indiana, USA, 2006

“All of the people at explora Rapa Nui are the BEST!!!
Muchas Gracias.”

Eileen and Len Gold

Ontario, Canada-2006

“We had no real idea about wath to expect when we arrived on this island. Now, we are leaving with a profund sense of respect and admiration for the Rapa Nui people and their wonderfull heritage.”

Angela et Bernard


“Hemos pasado tres magnificos dias en Rapa Nui , gracias a todo el equipo explora hemos descubierto una isla de belleza y de gentileza, esperamos que su magnifica cultura sea preservada para que mucha gente la pueda apreciar.”

Alya and Vladimir Orlov


“We were very lucky to live at your beautiful hotel. The atmosphere of friendly personal, very tasty foods and distinct-organized excursions, with well educated and humor guides, amazed us. Not often the tourist can find such a corner of paradise.”

Iris Fontbona


“Felicitaciones y agradecimientos a todo el personal de explora, esta ha sido una semana maravillosa. “Rapa Nui” me lo llevo en mi corazón.”

Allan Gurganus


“I arrived as an e-mail address. I leave as a junior birdman in training.
We are all Rapa Nui people. Blessings on the island and its people and their lessons.”

Ian and Margot

Toronto, Canada-2006

“What a fabulous time. Our dream to vist Rapa Nui has been fullfield.”

Richard and Jannis Popp

Los Altos Hills, California, USA-2005

“You truly made us feel at home! your warm hospitality and friendly attitude were wonderfull. The trips and the expert guides are an example of “the best”. We thank you for everything-especially the great food!”

Rosenda Calderón


“He pasado tres días maravillosos, la isla es preciosa, tiene muchos lugares excepcionales, la administración del hotel es perfecta, su comida, sus guías, algún día volveré, porque creo que todavía quedan sorpresas.”

Eric Berg


“Familia de explora:
My feet are killing me thank you so much, such beauty, culture, memories are rich.
I promise to improve my spanish of course… and I never had enough pisco sour.
Gracias, gracias, gracias.”

Bob Netlle

Wyoming, USA-2005

“A wonderful hotel, wonderful guides,a wonderful cheff + a wonderfull staff, but most of all a wonderfull island.
Forever thanks.”

Aline Coquelle

Paris, France-2005

“Estaba buscando la luz para mis fotos, y he enontrado tantas formas bellas de luces en Rapa Nui –gracias con mi corazón.”

Lynnette Mau

Hawaii , USA-2005

“To this beautifull (ohana) family of the explora:
you have shared a most important part of yourself with me and my family- not only your incredible caring services -but your hearts - love and devotion for rapa nui, explora and your hearts essence of your being soul.
Keep the spirit of Rapa Nui alive in your hearts.
i love you all-mahalonui loa”

Annette Schwartsman


“Queridos Amigos
Nao e so rapa nui que e especial, voce tambem sao, adorei conhece-los e desfrutar do carinho e atencao de voces. Muito obrigada.”

Gustavo Roth


“Muy especiales amigos exploradores, la mejor cosa en Rapa Nui es conocer a la gente y su cultura. todo muy especial.”

Familia Ferrero


“Nos llevamos un recuerdo imborrable de Rapa Nui, les agradecemos profundamente.”