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Posada de Mike Rapu

Our lodge was the first in South America to obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the United States Green Building Council.

Our lodge, which opened in December 2007, was built on 9.6 hectares (23.7 acres) of land situated on a hill in the Te Miro Oone area, overlooking the ocean. This is in south-eastern Rapa Nui, 8 kilometers (4.9 miles) from Hanga Roa, the most populated part of the island.

All of the 30 rooms, which extend to the north and south from a central building, have excellent ocean views. The lodge has welcoming indoor spaces which integrate aspects of the local culture.

The design is intended to have minimal impact on its surroundings. The lodge is built on a site which is inappropriate for agricultural use and has no archaeological remains. The flora surrounding the lodge has been maintained intact.

Food and wine Food and wine

Food and wine

Luxury of the essential is the concept behind the food we prepare. We seek to enhance the original flavors of selected ingredients, avoiding excess and alteration.

Our cuisine offers pure flavors based on the best-quality ingredients, many of which are produced locally. It is healthy and well-balanced, ideal for people going trekking or on explorations by bicycle or at sea

The strong marine tradition of Rapa Nui means that fish is a key ingredient in its cuisine and therefore an important ingredient in our recipes. These include kahi (big-eye tuna or thunnus obesus), konzo, kana kana (a local fish similar to turbot), toremo (yellowtail) and many others. We often serve fish with sweet potatoes, a vegetable believed to have arrived on the island with the first Polynesian sailors. We also use this ingredient in pasta and desserts.

Our recipes include seasonal fruit such as banana, mango, papaya, coconut, guava and pineapple, which we prepare in different ways.

To accompany your meal, you may choose from a wide variety of wines from the Gracia, Porta, Agustinos and Veranda wineries. We have different varieties from Chile's main wine-producing areas. If you would like to explore Chilean wine in greater depth, you may wish to consult our premium list; these wines are available at additional charge.