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Travelers Log

The Gamble family


“This was the first time our family had been to Chile - for most of us it was our first time in South America. Thanks to you, our stay has turned into one of the best vacations we have ever taken!!!”spacer travel specialists.

Mark & Christine Shearer


“A wonderful experience in Patagonia!”



“Me encantó el Hotel. La vista es muy bonita!!”

Julia van der Laan


“I have had the best time of my life the last two weeks here at explora in Patagonia, Chile.”

Pedro Braga





“C’est un nouveau concept de l’ hotellerie BRAVO!”

Marion & Michael Usher


“We adored our stay here. It was more than we expected…we had a spectacular time.”

Mary E.


“You have something special. I hope & pray it stays that way. Exceptional Guides”

Jason & Carol Miller


“Fabolous – we don’t want to leave!! Thank you for a wonderful stay – the perfect end to our honeymoon!!”

Mike Engler


“Just wanted to say hello and thank you for an extraordinary time at Explora. It was even more special because of getting to spend some time with you. It was definitely the highlight of my vacation…I will be back!”

John Dye


“A fine experience with a remarkable staff in a fantasy setting”

Ian & Can Williams


“What a wonderful experience: wind, rain, snow and friendly beautiful sunny days. The excursions were all memorable and I can now claim to have learned to ride in Patagonia ! The food and wine was also delicious but what made the week special was the kindness and enthusiasm of the guides and of the other staff”.

Cacilda & Marcelo Ferraz


“We had very good time here…we really enjoyed the views, atmosphere, food, service and all of you: the Explora Family. We thank you all for the pleasant days we had here, we hope to be back soon”

Steve, Paul and Sam Thurston


“We are fortunate to have experienced three different seasons in such a beautiful and extraordinary hotel. We cannot thank you enough for the special attention that we received. We will always cherish our memories of Torres del Paine and our special friends there…some day we will return to experience the Spring season as well!”

Thina Engler


“At the end of the world, I had the best time ever…a little bit cold but so beautiful. . . I can’t compare it to any other place in the world. Great Staff, exiting excursions, good place to be, hopefully I’ll come back very soon…Muchas gracias por todo!!!”

Adrian Hutchinson


“Thank – you and Gracias! I have traveled the World extensively and never have I been overwhelmed by the kindness and happiness (and efficiency) of the staff here. In all areas there is a strong sense of the “Explora way”, from reception, through catering, housekeeping, drivers and obviously the guides…it’s a real joy and as it is so good, I’m going to come back again soon. PLEASE DON’T GET TOO BIG!!! The memories will never fade.”

Lilian and Bert Daanen


“We had a fantastic time here and we take with us such special memories. Not only the breathtaking views and the special encounter with the Huemul, but also the very nice atmosphere here in the hotel. We really felt at home because everybody was so friendly…the guides showed us so many wonderful places…so thank you all again for the great time we had”

Nadia & Rob Pendleton


“…No two moments were the same. The horse riding, the full day hike to ´The French Valley´, our short walks around the lakes not to mention the glaciers at Lago Grey. It could not have been any better. Don’t change, you are all perfect! Without question that is the best hotel we have ever stayed at. Your staff makes it a relaxing, comfortable, as well a luxurious stay. Gracias, gracias y muchas gracias!”

Hayden and Debi


“Gracias por todo! What an amazing experience! It’s like a summer camp for adults – great, exciting adventures in an incredible location, plus the best food ever with wonderful wines! See you again soon!”

Verónica Domínguez & Juan Barnechea


“Gracias a todos ustedes, hemos pasado una semana maravillosa de viaje de novios. Esperamos volver sin falta y lo recomendaremos muchísimo. En hora buena a todos! Con cariño…España!!!”

Caroline Graille


“Un moment inoubliable Un lieu magique, excellent pour le corps et pour I’ spirit ! Merci a tons, ici, pour cet accueil enthousiaste et discret à la fois. A une prochaine fois peut – être…

Renée Rolfs


“ Words could never explain my deep gratitude for you and the wonderful product you have here…from the welcome to the wonderful experience they are all overwhelming. My sincere thanks for a memorable trip…continued happiness and success”

Consuelo Gazmuri


“ Quiero dejar un agradecimiento muy especial a los guías de explora que nos hicieron vivir experiencias inolvidables, que nos mostraron con ojo experto la magnificencia y belleza de este lugar. Su actitud y disposición es excelente!!…y para todo el personal cuyos nombres no recuerdo…en recepción, comedor, masajes, en fin, todos los que nos han “regaloneado” estos días: un fuerte abrazo y muchas gracias!”

Amparo Villegas


“En pocos lugares del mundo he visto tanta belleza ¡Felicidades! Habéis conseguido que todo lo maravilloso que encierra la naturaleza exterior se transmita dentro del hotel, tanto por su encanto como por todo y cada uno de los que trabajan aquí.”

Antonio Bernardo C. Do Nascimento


“É uma pena ter que deixar este lugar maravilhoso onde pude sentir a presença forte do creador!.”

Will Simpson


You know some people say for their vacations “lets go to the end of the world”. Well, that’s where I went this summer. And now, here, at the end of the world I had the most extraordinary time I have ever had in my life and I will carry these memories forever.”

Carmen Benavent


“Enhorabuena por ser el verdadero latir de este corazón de la Patagonia. Os recordaremos siempre con cariño.”



“¡Maravillosa experiencia!… el silencio… la naturaleza… el reencuentro con nosotros mismos… y todo lo que ustedes hacen para que disfrutemos… ¡esto es felicidad!”



“When you first come to explora you are sure that it is the place that makes the people, but if you spend long enough here you realize that it is the people that makes the place. Thank you for share the experience with me.”



“La Patagonia: donde descansa Dios, explorando el fin del mundo. Donde la razón y la fuerza no existen, tan sólo el deseo de formar parte de la naturaleza divina.”

Ricardo Antón y Montse Calviche


“Cuando hablamos de belleza, amistad, paz y armonía, os nombraremos: Torres del Paine y Salto Chico.”

Jackson Haus


“What a wonderful stay. Your publicity does not do you justice: We promise to spread the word and send you lots and lots of “gringos”! Many thanks.”

Sally and Greg


“This is the first place we have ever been where First Class means friendly, personal and the best of everything. Excellent concept taken to perfection.”

Cecilia and Philippe de Vulpiane

We said “let’s go to the end of the world, far away from the civilization as possible”. We found the most civilized place which will for ever remain at the center of our “dream world”. Thank you so much.