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Hotel de Larache

Our lodge is located on a plain known as the Ayllu de Larache, once inhabited by an ancient Atacameño community. We have respected the original layout of the land and restored and maintained some of the buildings.

Opened in 1998, our lodge is situated on 17 hectares (42 acres) of grounds just a few minutes’ walk from the town of San Pedro de Atacama. In the area surrounding the lodge, we have maintained the ancient pathways and buildings which form a labyrinth that invites exploration.

There are 50 rooms housed in three long buildings, positioned to form a central square planted with large trees for ample shade. On the fourth side of the square is the building which houses the lodge’s public spaces. The views from the lodge’s broad terraces enable you to enjoy Atacama’s vast chain of volcanic mountains.

In 2008, we set ourselves the challenge of intensifying your explora Atacama experience, remodeling the furnishings and the indoor and outdoor spaces. Now that the work is complete, we are pleased to be able to offer you new facilities and services.

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Architectural awards for Hotel de Larache

XII Bienal de Arquitectura, Santiago de Chile, 2000. First prize in the Architecture for Travel Services category.

How best to inhabit land that is steeped in history and ancestral traditions and located in a sublime landscape? This was the essential challenge we faced when building Hotel de Larache.

This Atacama Hotel in Chile consists of a main building and several units of rooms, all with a broad overhanging roof to provide shade to the interior as well as to the walkways. The central building was designed to provide views of both the oasis nearby and the Andean peaks in the distance.

The texture of the stone pavings surrounding the buildings evokes the color and roughness of the area's salt flats.

The buildings were constructed of reinforced concrete, hand-made clay bricks, pine and local slate. The green-blue tones of the doors and windows are influenced by the color of the trunk of a local tree, the chañar (Geoffroea decorticans) and evoke the architecture of San Pedro de Atacama. The blue roofs are reminiscent of the color of the water in certain salt flats in the region. These shades of color, combined with the white of the concrete of the building, provide visual refreshment for the traveler arriving from the desert.

The structure is finished by a double roof. The first encloses the indoor space, while the second provides shade. Air circulates between the roofs, keeping the air cool and making air conditioning unnecessary.

The play of light and shade in the daytime gives way to the stars of the night sky, which you can enjoy with the naked eye or from the observatory located near the main building.