Art of travel

Art of travel

explora is a way of traveling to remote places in South America, where the focus is on in-depth exploration of the surroundings and the luxury of the essential.

Since the beginnings of time, humans have traveled in order to discover, conquer, colonize or trade. Many journeys have been a means to achieve other ends, to realize goals other than the journey itself. Join Explora as we travel to Patagonia, Atacama and Easter Island.

Luxury of the essential Luxury of the essential

Luxury of the essential

For us, luxury is about the experience, not appearance.

We seek to offer luxury by focusing on the essential, on providing exactly what our travelers need to make every aspect of their journey as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

For us, luxury is in the simple details, which are never superfluous. Its value does not depend on how much it costs but on its ability to enrich your Rapa Nui, Patagonia or Atacama travel experience.

We believe that the essential is also that which is authentic. In a world where imitations and copies proliferate, we offer you the luxury of getting close to something in its original state.

We offer our travelers the chance to travel to remote areas, where nature is still largely original and untouched and when we are there, we seek to interact with the people who live there in a simple, direct way, talking with them and avoiding stereotypes.