Art of travel

Art of travel

explora is a way of traveling to remote places in South America, where the focus is on in-depth exploration of the surroundings and the luxury of the essential.

Since the beginnings of time, humans have traveled in order to discover, conquer, colonize or trade. Many journeys have been a means to achieve other ends, to realize goals other than the journey itself. Join Explora as we travel to Patagonia, Atacama and Easter Island.

about-us-art-of-travel-manifesto Explorer´s Manifesto

Some two hundred years ago, however, a new kind of journey began to gain importance: a journey which is not a means to something else but an end in itself.

At explora we are inspired to travel by the pleasure of the journey and by the richness of the experiences that it brings. In short, we believe that the final destination is less important than the things that happen along the way.